Q: My drain is clogged, can I use one of those advertised products that gets dumped down the drain?
A. Do NOT use any product from the discount store that promises to unclog your drains.  They are harmful to humans, pets and your pipes.  Those products can actually cause more of a problem causing the homeowner more headache and money.  Call Duncan Plumbing instead!

Q: Is flushing feminine products REALLY that bad for your plumbing system?
A.  Yes!  Even tampons, which are advertised as flushable.  If you check out the page “Our Work” you will see a picture of tampons wrapped all around our snake machine.  Please just wrap these products with toilet paper and dispose in the trash.

Q:  What about flushable wipes?
A:  No such thing exists!  The best rule of thumb is, if it’s not toilet paper, don’t flush it. Even paper towels and napkins can clog a drain line.

Q:  I have heard trees can cause plumbing problems, how so?
A:  Tree roots can run deep and basically squeeze pipes until they crack.  Once a pipe is cracked it will cause all kinds of damage.  Sometimes the damage is apparent quickly, other times, it can happen over a period of years.  Call us!  We will snake the line to get rid of the roots and other debris.  We may also put a chemical in the line to help kill and break down the tree roots .  If the line has too many breaks or is completely collapsed in spots, the pipe may have to be replaced.

Q:  Are the plumbing fixtures at home improvement stores the same quality as the plumbing supply stores?
A:  No.  Products distributed in home improvement stores are made with price points to fit consumers that wish to do projects themselves. For example, a faucet might not be made of metal but merely painted with a metal like finish.  Also, the parts inside a fixture may be made of plastic which tend to break easily causing leaks or instability in the product.

To add a perspective:  think of the line of work you are in:
If you are a music teacher, would you recommend your student get his instrament at a discount store or a music store?
If you are a landscaper, would you recommend a nursery or supermarket for quality garden essentials?

Q:  We are heading out of town during the winter season, what temp should we set our thermostat at?
A:  A good rule of thumb is to keep it above 50 degrees to ensure pipes will not freeze.

Q: How can I get rid of that disgusting smell radiating from my garbage disposal?
A:  Two solutions:  1.  use the disposal cleaning packets from a plumbing supply store  or 2. follow the steps below:

1. Make sure disposal is off and clean of debris (like silverware or that missing binky)
2. Pack disposal with ice cubes and orange or lemon peels (lemon juice works ok)
3. Plug drain
4. Fill sink 1/4 full of water
5. At same time, turn on disposal and unplug drain.
The ice cubes will help buff off any food dibris on blades, the peel with give a nice clean scent and the water helps flush out the entire system!