About Us

Duncan Plumbing is a full service third generation Ohio licensed plumbing company.  Created in 1980 by James Duncan with a vision to provide customers with excellent service at an affordable price, Duncan Plumbing earned the reputation of respectable, honest and hard-working. James Duncan’s untimely death in 1985 left his only son, Gayle, to keep the vision going, until he retired the business in 2000.

In 2010,  Gayle’s youngest son, Josh, brought Duncan Plumbing back to life.

Our vision remains the same as we continue to strive to bring our customers plumbing excellence with the best products, latest trends and energy efficiency at a reasonable cost.

Because of our dedication to customer service, our customers have rewarded us with repeat service. So when you call Duncan Plumbing for help, you won’t become our customer for the day, you’ll become our customer for life.

Ohio License #46836